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Prices displayed are in USD Dollar and EURO and inclusive of VAT where applicable. Payments on are processed using a secure and verified payment gateway, with no sensitive financial information being passed through or stored in our website. The method of accepting payments is secure and processed using SSL encryption. By purchasing our services, you explicitly confirm that you clearly understand and agree to what you are purchasing and will not file any fraudulent dispute. In case of an attempt to file a fraudulent dispute or chargeback, Fynitis OÜ has the right to terminate your account with loss of all provided likes and followers and/or to permanently ban your IP address. Furthermore, you confirm that you have the authorization to use the payment instrument including debit or credit card to make the purchase.

Fynitis OÜ reserves the right to change prices for services at any time. Furthermore, we reserve the right to change prices listed on, and the right to change the amount of resources given to any plan at any time

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